Sanne van Dijk - Eva | In 2006, Sanne finished the Theater Academy in Amsterdam. Since then she primarily works as a theatre actress and puppeteer. She previously worked together with Rianne on the short film "Mouleren" (2012).

Casper Gimbrère – Steve | Casper is a Dutch actor and Voice-actor who played in several Dutch film and television productions, suchs as the Emmy award winning production Offers (2006).

Alex van Bergen - Chris | Alex is a Dutch actor who primarily works as a theatre actor, suchs as the longest running Dutch production "Soldaat van Oranje" (Soldier of Orange).

Jorrit Ruijs – Scott | Jorrit is a Dutch actor who played in several musical-, film- and television productions.

Raymond Thiry – Commander | Raymond is a Dutch actor mostly known for Dutch television series and films, such as "Penoza" (Diederik van Rooijen) and "Winter in Wartime" (2008, Martin Koolhoven).