"Born in the year 2207 Eva has been trained for one specific mission; traveling to the system Gliese 581 to discover a new planet like earth. Close to her final destination her spaceship starts to have some technical malfunctions. She has to make a choice, traveling back to the space station or continuing her journey with the knowledge that returning will not be possible."


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16-03 | Imagine

Great news! Gliese 581 has been selected for the Imagine: Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival. We are part of a special selection, presenting the best of last years Dutch fantastic films. The screening will be on the 17e of April at 15 o'clock in EYE Amsterdam.​ We hope to see you all there!.

18-12 | Fantasporto

We are proud to announce the international premiere for Gliese 581 at Fantasporto – Oporto International Film Festival. Our film will be part of a special out-of-competition selection of 12 features and 5 short fantasy films, representatives of today's top productions, as the festival proclaims.

29-11 | The film is finished!

After more than three years of hard work, Gliese 581 is finally finished. We are working on getting the film to festival.